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Gimnastik Majalah Jua 15

01 Sep 2016 at 06:00

You received this letter, because you’ve subscribed to the mass distribution of mail from our web-store “Gymnastic Fantastic”. If your address was included into this mailing list by mistake, please click the link “Unsubscribe” at the end of the letter.


Recently muse visited the specialists of our company. She gave them the inspiration to create. Thus, they plunged into atmosphere of beauty and fashion to amaze all of us!!!


New rhythmic gymnastics competition leotards are coming very soon! Each leotard is unique! They will not just let you look highly attractive but they also will charge you with a strong feeling of confidence and readiness to win!

Isn’t it thrilling?! Watch our website www.rg-leotard.com and be the first to watch our new collection as soon as it comes out!

Your wishes come true!

Gymnastics Fantastic is a customer-oriented company! Although we have a wide range of leotards, dresses and other costumes in catalogues on our website, but still we are willing to work with individual orders!

This Michael Jackson’s leotard was created for a French gymnast! We are sure she will rock the floor!


These are really royal costumes! Such combination of golden and vinous colors will definitely add charm to acrobatic performance! Everything is possible with Gymnastics Fantastic! Feel free to create with us!

Orang hubungan


Jennifer Russel
Pengurus Jualan

E-mel: order@rg-leotard.com
Tel.: 7 (3412) 912-613, 912-614
Skype: rg-leotards


Anastasia Shabalina
Pengurus kandungan

E-mel: webmanager@rg-leotard.com


Ekaterina Kirshina
Pengurus kedai online web

E-mel: admin@danceplus.ru

Tel.: 7 (3412) 912-613, 912-614


How charming it is to watch captivating performances on ice rinks. It looks like magic when marvelous figure skaters gently slide on ice creating the atmosphere of fairy tale.


To help figure skaters surprise us even more we added a new section to our website! Wonderful figure skating dresses are waiting for their future owners to become a beautiful addition to an unbelievable image of sportswomen!

Find this and many other costumes di sini.

Look perfect!

What is the most important thing about a leotard? Beautiful colors, interesting silhouette, captivating shine of crystals are very significant! But a perfect fit is much more important!

A perfect fit lets gymnast feel comfortable during the whole performance! Thus, gymnast should take all her measurements precisely! All type of measurements and information about how to take them correctly can be found di sini.
You can also find video with all descriptions di sini.

Testimoni kami!

Jennifer! The leotards arrived today and we are all thrilled. We will look forward to working with you again – based on this experience, I have a feeling you will become very popular in California! Thank you so much, Jennifer!

John, United States

Dear Jennifer! We have been very pleased with the leotards received month ago. Leotards are beautiful and the girls simply love them. Your service was good, quick and professional despite few challenges with color etc. Thank you once again!

Marjo, Finland

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