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Leotards diluluskan oleh FIG!


Every gymnast will agree that triko plays an integral part in the rhythmic gymnastics performance at the competition. It is chosen carefully in accordance with the idea and music of the rhythmic gymnastics routine.The color, crystals and model are quite important, it should fit gymnast’s figure perfectly, look showy and at the same time it should be correct.

The International Gymnastics Federation gives approval to the rhythmic gymnastics apparatus in terms of safe gymnastics performance and training. Thus all the rhythmic gymnastics apparatus acquires the seal “FIG”. So when you buy clubs, ribbon, hoop or ball you can easily find the correct and approved ones. However the same can’t be said about trikos.

 Today a lot of rhythmic gymnastics trikos of any kind of fabrics, styles and design are sold. But you can’t always be sure about their quality and correctness. But don’t despair!

Our company has carefully studied the FIG’s Code of Points where the dress of individual and group gymnasts is described in detail, which allows us to sew any kind of competition triko according to the FIG’s recommendations, choosing the best quality fabrics. Every competition triko in our web-store is made for the comfortable and brilliant performance, it attracts the attention of the judges and audience and complies the following FIG’s regulations at the same time:

“-A correct gymnastics triko must be in non-transparent material; therefore, trikos that

have some part in lace will have to be lined (from the trunk to the chest).

-The neckline of the front and back of the triko must be no further down than half of the

sternum and the lower line of the shoulder blades.

- Leotards may be with or without sleeves, but dance trikos with narrow straps are not


- The cut of the triko at the top of the legs must not go beyond the fold of the crotch


- The triko must be skin tight to enable the judges to evaluate the correct position of every

part of the body.

- The competition trikos of Group gymnasts must be identical (of the same material, style, design and

color). However, if the triko is made of a patterned material, some slight differences due to

the cut may be tolerated.”

Gymnastics-Fantastic offers only professionally made trikos, approved by FIG!

You’re always welcome to order!

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
Quality of Our RG Leotards